About this here blog.

This is supposed to be where me (K.) and my writing partner (and best friend) Dave…talk about ourselves and what this site is about.

Fuck that.

Look we are just two relatively young guys (under 30, but not by much) that like to discuss politics, socioeconomic matters, movies, music, art, and fashion…and maybe some other random shit.  We don’t have a niche – we just don’t think it makes sense to leave shit out that we like.  Corrosive Material is really about ….erasing the things that create walls between us, all of us.  Nothing deep or anything.

…I mean, we don’t want to under represent ourselves.  At the same time, we don’t take ourselves that seriously – it’s just a blog.  Stuff gets misspelled…you might think our opinion don’t mean shit…and that’s cool.

It’s like this…if you like it – cool.  If not, Jay-Z has a few lines:

yung’uns ice-grillin me, ooh – you not feelin me? fine; it cost you nothing – pay me (us) no mind

4 thoughts on “About this here blog.

  1. thought you might be interested:

    Life and Debt, documentary on IMF in Jamaica


    From Mambo to Hip-Hop

    and one more

    No dice on NYC huh?

    Hope all is well down south,


  2. Dear K and David,

    I read the piece you wrote about me on your blog. Thank you for recounting my story accurately and eloquently. I assume you stumbled on my story after seeing the latest HBO film on free speech since you also write about Ward Churchill.

    There is one minor item I want to bring to your attention and that is my son did not serve in Iraq. He was fortunate not to be sent there because he served at ground zero for six months. However, I should mention that 4 of my nephews did serve in Iraq as US Marines. One received the Purple Heart medal for his duty there. A couple of my nephews were featured in a New York Times article in 2006. It’s worth searching for and reading.

    Thank you again, for doing what you do.

    Debbie Almontaser


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