R.I.P. Michael C. Ruppert


I woke up this morning to some pretty sad news. The ex LAPD officer who blew the lid off the CIA’s trafficking and proliferation of crack in the ghettos of 1980’s Los Angeles killed himself Sunday night. Apparently everyone (I am sure there are some skeptics) seem to believe that this is a legitimate suicide and he basically left clues that he was going to do it at the end of his radio program “The Lifeboat Hour” Sunday. If you didn’t know who Mr. Ruppert was there are plenty of books and documentaries featuring him and about him out there. Many believed he was a conspiracy theorist and rode him off immediately. One thing you cannot deny is how brilliant and brave his confrontation with then CIA Director John Deutch was. see below:

Michael Ruppert is the real live version of the character you see in a movies with their wall covered in sticky notes forming some type of web or algorithm, chain-smoking, and obsessing over how the world really works. There is documented evidence he predicted the financial crisis long before it happened. He knew things about the covert operations of the United States long before the press released them. There was a constant attempt to discredit him as a “conspiracy theorist” and a “cook” that most of his work was done underground. To Ruppert conspiracy theories were a science sometimes you do get things wrong but that doesn’t invalidate your whole theory, you continue to research and hypothesize until you get the facts. I don’t think that was the hard part, I think the hard part was getting the people to believe and understand the things he did get right. I followed him on Facebook and Twitter and he has recently been passionate about the dangers of climate change and how the destruction of our environment is going to shift society in ways it does not understand yet. He believed strongly in living off the land and encouraged people to learn as much about back to basics humanity as possible. He seemed like a caring man not and angry man. Despite the multiple attempts on his life over the years by the CIA and other police and intelligence operatives he continued to do what he does. I guess you can only take so much though…I hope he is happier now. We know way more about the real world we live in, not the illusionary world we think we live in, because of Mr. Ruppert and he gets no credit for it. I give him credit though. Thanks Mr. Ruppert.

Below are two other documentaries that were made about him:


Collapse Full Movie

Apocalypse Man series from VICE


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