Armchair Philosophy: End of Times, and whatever


Overheard some old guys saying the end is near, saying Barack Obama and a series of other event x, y z’s are signs f the end.  Reminded me of something I’d written in the past.  Felt just as right now as when I wrote it.  Did some editing.  Please remember this is my (Kahron) personal thought.  It’s not fact.  It’s a blog posting.


There has been always been talk, especially amongst the religious folk, that the apocalypse is just around the corner. That all the signs, specifically our president’s need to control the world and everything in it, ‘terrorism,’ violent changes in our climate….etc, etc. I know some people who, because of these things and more, believe that the end is near, close…upon us….impending in fact. However, I am not in that population – a fellow doomsdayer.

The end all is supposed to be nuclear war…no, the universe is going to implode……no, a climate change that eliminates live from earth….no, trumpets blow and demons from the underworld, or even the outerworld, come to do battle in the eternal deathmatch of Good v. Evil. Depending on who you ask, you could get literally thousands or different scenarios – from a school teacher in London, to a preacher in the deep South, to some new age yoga instructor in San Francisco.

My basic issue with belief is that has been upon us for so long already, that is is pretty clear the any world/universe ending, if it happens at all, is not within our realm of understanding. And it’s not even relatively close. The first question has to be a ‘why.’ Why do we need to have this grandiose ending, or any ending at all? One answer is that humans are built with a clock. When our personal clock stops ticking our lives end, usually in a great sense of loss and anguish to still living, but we expected them to die. Why? Because we know that death is the one certainty we have. As surely as we have lived, we will die…..and the way we’ve lived will affect that death.

Let’s carry that view over into a higher plateau. Just as a man smokes himself into heart or lung disease, he and those around him, know he will meet Death in a slow and very painful fashion….just as slow (or fast) as his that gratifying drag of that Marlboro Red or Newport menthol. Our earth has been beaten up in ways too numerable to name. It will die, just as every human, that has ever or will live, definitely will. I believe people can sense this.

Now before you say “…well, that means you agree that the “end” is coming”.  No, it doesn’t mean that at all. As I’ve said the earth will one day parish, but I’ve also noted that this belief that it is upon us at any second is faulty. The fault lies in our perception of life and death itself. The Earth was no created by us. If it were, we would know the relative end. The Earth and the universe, as far as we can unscientifically fathom, is infinite. Scientists calculated in the billions, but is that really plausible? (Yes, of course it is.) But do we really know the beginning, or do we need to make sense of something to make order in the collective lives of human beings? To create a start date, suggests an end date….the end of time. This notion is simply a show of our selfishness, pure and simple.  Suggesting that the end of time has something to do with us, as human beings, smacks of a cockiness only known to our species – our selfish, greedy, goods consuming, and wasteful selves. Civilization has only been around in the last 150,ooo-250,000 years. Yet internally, we feel that just as we live and die, so shall the earth, the universe, and everything that has ever existed – together with us. We feel the need to trick our minds into thinking it will end with a flip of switch connected to a nuclear weapon.

I also do believe religion plays a massive Oscar-winning role in this farce as well – every religion with a doomsday story/prophesy of some sort. Think about this a moment…..

That a religion, a man-made institution, should dictate, and thus far, incorrectly approximate the date of the apocalypse, should clue you into the stupidity of some human beings, as far as this is concerned. Look at Nietzsche’s theory of Master-Slave Morality. The ‘master’ morality is for the strong-willed, who use ‘good’ (honest, nobility, strength) and ‘bad’ (weak, dishonest, petty) as the primary tenets. There is no approval system in place, for whatever ‘it’ is, it will either help, or harm you. To quote Nietzsche, “…it judges, ‘what is harmful to me is harmful in itself’; it knows itself to be that which first accords honor to things; it is value-creating.”  Slave morality uses subversion to enslave the hearts and minds with democracy and inclusiveness.

The slave mentality is mindset of the weak willed, the self-doubters, the insecure, the oppressed and/or abused. Because the relatively powerful (truly powerful in self, not in our concocted terms of power), are so few as compared to vastly weak and sheep herd-like majority, power is gained in a value system grading upward on what is ‘evil.’ They tend to join what they hate, then use a religion to fortify their standing as a weakling, using it to ‘cleanse’ themselves of ‘evil’ and the sins that each religion says are punishable by death. Slave morality is therefore reactionary, because of the inability of the weak individual to create value, and its dependency on maintaining a love/hate relationship of the creative and powerful values. In the end, the powerful look for ‘good,’ and cast the ‘bad’ away. The weak sees ‘evil,’ and try to pray, be patient, or support submissiveness, all to manifest the ‘good’ to oppose it.

Religion very clearly plays well with the weak and needy, the mental and emotional invalids, incapable, or more likely, unwilling to create ‘goodness’. I said earlier that the end of times story/prophesy is in every religion. Therefore, you have literally billions of people either praying, proselytizing, or killing, in the name of religion, a man made institution created to combat the ‘evil’ in society and life as we know it. Surely then one of these people have an understanding of what the end is. They know because it was taught to them, it came to them in a dream, or all the “signs” point to this happening.  It is obviously self-evident, in every context.

I believe that there is no end. Life and death are inevitabilities we have no control over, nor fully understand. If we cannot fully comprehend our own existence, how can we hop, jump, skip into knowing what the earth or universe will be doing in the next few seconds, much less the next few hundred years, decades, eons. Life is made to be lived, to be enjoyed, not to be “end-thoughful” to the degree of nothingness we wish upon the space around us just because we know surely that we will not be around to see it parish according to your imaginations, whether biblically based or any other basis.

The powerful will create life and cherish it. The weak will look forward to its end, and they will uselessly guesstimate and scare themselves into believing the supposed circumstances and dates to prove it.  We don’t know anything.

Live life, without fear, as purposefully as you can.  Be powerful.

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