Review: Garnier – A13

As stated many times, on plenty of publications, Laurent Garnier is a legend in the field of techno.  The Frenchman has decided to make a series of EPs, venturing across other genres (and labels – this one released on Musique Large, run by Fulgeance).  The project, which include five original tracks with accompanying remixes for each, has very unique takes on downtempo, hip hop, and sample-based beat music.  “The Rise & Fall of the Donkey Dog” sounds like something that could have made Danny the Dog soundtrack.  It’s heavy, packed with a dense drum/synth arrangement that could make Massive Attack a little jealous.  The “single” is “Revenge of the LOLcat”, which sounds like an opener for a dystopian near-future sci-fi flick.  The remixed back end of the album proves as fulfilling at the originals, showcased by the almost diametrically opposite, bass heavy Baron Rétif & Concepcion Perez produced take of the first track.  The entire EP is immensely re-playable any time of the day, managing to fuse old and current sounds of electronic music.  Garnier outdoes himself once again.

Favorite track: The remix in the video above

Not favorite: Fulgeance’s remix of “Revenge of the LOLcat”


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