Evian Christ – Waterfalls EP


This is a way to capitalize on what can come with working a Kanye West album.  You keep working on new material for potential use with other famous rappers, and put out decent individual work like this.  Joshua Leary’s (real name) initial output, including a promising “whoa” track, led to subsequent work on “I’m In It”, a standout on controversial Yeezus.  A couple of the tracks on this extended play have circled the net for a few months.  This, however, is the first ‘set’ he’s released, and it shows continued growth in size of his sound.  The main feature of this growth: the increase of low-end frequency.  This is festival bass and it weighs a ton on this record, which is also the negative.  It’s a little too reliant on it, and trap sound in which bass is primarily featured.  They will bang out in the truck, but there really isn’t anything new happening.  You could basically separate the tracks and drop them into mixtapes or live mixes, and each track would give you roughly the same effect.  The low end tends to swallow up the ethereal sound, and make them secondary.  Good for a party, but not so much for progress.  His earlier work shows us he can definitely do more.  All that said, perhaps that all he really wanted to do.  Nothing inherently wrong with that.

Favorite track:  “Propeller”

Not favorite: “Fuck Idol”


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