Review: J Rocc – Some Cold Rock Stuf

J Rocc – Some Cold Rock Stuf

Anyone familiar with the World Famous Beat Junkies will know the name.  This is his first release of brand new solo material – which is both interesting and incredible considering he’s been on the scene since the 80’s.  I’ve read some people compare this to Donuts meets DJ Shadow.  But that’s both lazy and (somewhat) untrue, with the only real commonality being that they all make instrumental hip hop.  Rocc has his own vibe, tethering sounds heard from decades back.  It’s a pretty chilled out record, nothing too over the top.  It sort of showcases a lot of what other artists have done, but in a different way, as if he’s trying to cover a lot of ground in one album.  Usually that’s a very bad idea, but in his skilled hands, he makes it work like a charm.

Grade: B+.  Pretty dope and as replayable as any record in its genre.  Purchase on the Stone’s Throw site.

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