Review: Cults – Cults

Cults – Cults

It’s definitely summertime.

Cults are/were an internet sensation last year with the catchy “Go Outside”, they seemed perfectly set up for a completely overhyped debut.  But alas, it’s not.  It’s a correctly rated summer anthem filled release, that’s just long enough to not be too long, and just short enough to not be too short – if that makes sense.  It’s bubbly, and a little mischievous at the same time, like if Veruca Salt had a sunnier disposition – a good mix of obvious bedroom, 50’s, beach pop, and other reverb touched  influences.

The only issue with the record.  The best three (or four) tracks are first three (or four – I really like “Most Wanted”).  Not that the other songs are worthy, but they should’ve put some space in between those first few.  It would’ve given the album a fuller listen.  (Yes, track listing is an important and highly underrated aspect.)

Grade: B+.  It’s a well executed record.

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