Review: Bad Meets Evil – Hell: The Sequel

Bad Meets Evil – Hell: The Sequel

I think I had an expectation, like everyone else.  Eminem.  Royce.  Has to be that piff.  Right?

Yes….and no…but mostly yes.  I don’t need to explain the re-up and the concept of the duo, since it’s been told over and over in every music publication in print or online.  They are comparable MC’s, and it’s not always clear who’s doper.  Well, let me be clear – Eminem destroys.  But Royce is right there with him, track for track – which is really the story of the album.  I mean, let’s be perfectly honest – that is what people wanted to know.  Can Royce really keep up with one of the dopest MC’s in the history of life?  And he’s more than apt for the challenge.  I think it’s actually time that people, to include myself, just give Royce his due as one the best out now, and the last howmanyever years.

The negative?  The production leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s not wack, it’s (more than) occasionally lackluster.  I just feel like they could’ve went out and got different beats.  I sort of wish they got Pharoahe Monch and Just Blaze  to do a beat.  They’ve mastered making crazy beats that don’t take away from a (super) lyrical performance – but that’s me.  I really think “I’m On Everything” should have been left off.  It’s not because it’s not funny or anything (it is), but I’m looking for straight lyrics….not Mike Epps.

Overall though, the album is a success.  The lyrics are outstanding, and they have excellent chemistry.  It’s really sounds like two very good friends enjoying rapping for their other friends, and each other.  It’s a relaxed effort, and they know exactly where their collective bread is buttered – making ill bars.  And they don’t disappoint.  As of this review – it’s the #1 record in America – maybe real Mc’ing is back.

Grade: B.  Mark one in the winner’s slot for lyrical rap.

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