Review: Friendly Fires – Pala

Friendly Fires – Pala

This band could probably be a great straight forward pop band, if they would drop the indie pretension, because they make incredibly fun music.  Nothing really heavy for the palette, bouncy and effervescent.  They will probably end up being a band that will craft 3-5 amazing tracks on every album they do, but may never make that one amazing album.  (Nothing really wrong with that though.)  But they do some dope things on this – the first track is them coming out in a blaze.  But for me the surprises are the treats.  The title track and “Hurting” are tracks that I give them tremendous kudos on, with the crazy 80’s funk feel – two of my personal favorites on the album.  “Show Me Lights” sounds like a Justin Timberlake song, covered by an indie band.  They take a lot of chances, and for the most part, they make it work.  And more importantly, it’s incredibly fun to listen to.

Grade: B+.  Very solid sophomore effort.  I love this album more with ever listen.  Perfect for the summer jams with your (supposedly) cool and in-the-know friends.  And your other friends too.  Comme de Fuc Down to Earth.

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