Review: Tyler, the Creator – Goblin

Tyler, the Creator – Goblin

…well, okay then.  Everyone can calm down – yes, it’s out, and yes, I’ve listened to it.  And I have yet another bush league review for you today on this super hyped album.

First of all, if you hadn’t heard Bastard before this, it should be noted that dude is a little off.  I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or not, but he’s definitely not thinking on the same terrain as the rest of us.  This works for and against him.  It would seem that a lot of the stuff that goes with being the “next big thing” is seeping into his psyche, and not always in a positive way.  A lot has been noted of his strong lyrics – and he doesn’t disappoint.  He goes on about rape, gays, murder (the plot line is about him killing his Odd Future associates), and other random calamities.  In other words, it’s what people were expecting.

I like his ballsy approach – he swings for the fences.  And a lot of the tracks are dope as hell – lead singles “Yonkers” and “Sandwitches” kill them all.  This leads me to the redeeming quality on the album – Tyler can rap.  He can definitely put words together in intricate rhyme schemes, and his flow is pretty tight.  It’s not Eminem or Elzhi tight, but for someone barely 20, he shows tremendous command with the mic.  He’s amazingly self-aware, and has an clear understanding of nuance and shock value – see video below.

So, that leaves the beats, which takes the album down faster than a Kardashian on a mid-tier professional athlete.  (Thank you…I’ll be here all night.)  The vast majority of the music on the album sounds bad.  Bad,as in it’s not dope, as in wack.  There really isn’t a lot of additional analysis needed in this department.  Just sounds like he hooked up the Wal-Mart Casio to his Mac, and went in.  Not good, because it makes a lot of the record unlistenable for me.  I hope he releases an a cappella album so that people can put proper beats behind his bars.  I really want to believe that I’m just not getting the beats…but I dunno.

Grade: C-.  And that’s because of his rap skills and the storyline.  I have to say: it’s not a great record, and at the same time, I don’t feel cheated or wronged.  I almost wonder if I knew it wasn’t going to be awesome, but I just wanted to have a little piece of history – a sign ‘o the times.

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