Review: Katy B – On A Mission

Katy B – On A Mission

(I’m a little late with this review, because for whatever reason this album isn’t out in the states (or the US version of iTunes) – I had a buddy from England actually send me a copy because he wondered why I hadn’t put it on the site.)  As a huge fan of dubstep, I too had a secret wish that it wouldn’t get too poppy.  Then the Magnetic Man album came out, and I felt a little better out the somewhat watered down blend the trio produced, because they never went away from their core in a way that felt like a backhanded slap.  They just wanted to stretch the fan base out a little.  This album is more of less a continuation of the newish vocal dub.

Helmed mostly by RinseFM founder Geeneus, DJ Zinc, and Magnetic Man alum Benga, Katy has become the (first) voice of the dubstep movement.  She does an excellent job writing and emoting realistic feelings in each track, which is probably going to be a hit with the female listeners.  From the jump, she makes it clear that she will not be taking a backseat to any of the producers, and excels at making sure she stays on balance vocally, with the strong production.  And the production is very strong.  Depending on the crowd, you could probably blend this with the Magnetic Man album (plus a few other selections) and have a decent party/club mix.  That being said, it can be a little heavy on the pop side, and you kinda have to be in the mood for the club feel.

Grade: B+.  Mostly something for the club, or if you need something upbeat.  Very strong record vocally and with production.  Another successful integration of pop and dubstep, into the mainstream.  Test #2 complete.

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