Review: Low – C’mon

Low – C’mon

Low can be an interesting proposition at times.  They shift in different directions pretty well and often, but they maintain that “slowcore”-ish feel.  For me, the Drums and Guns version was the best, but this version is cool – more direct, more emotional in a way.  I’ve always liked Low for it’s ability to show that sort of dour telling of relationships/life.  It’s also a bit more mainstream as well, which might ruffle a few feathers.  However, I don’t think they made that move with the intention on being more like Arcade Fire, or anything like that.  That being said, it’s not particularly new ground, which for me is a very slight minus.  But double lead combination still works like a charm – one of the best vocal arrangements in any band ever.  And they still make well written, well played songs – like “Try To Sleep”, “$20”, and “You See Everything” – my favorite.

Grade: B.  Still going strong since ’93.

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