Review: !llmind – Behind The Curtain

!llmind – Behind The Curtain

I’ve been a low key fan of this guy for a minute.  He’s done a good bit of interesting with with tons of people – most recent a pretty dope album with Skyzoo.  Sample chops, drums, and basslines – that’s what I usually appreciate most, and it’s not different here.  He’s got some spacey aspects going on in a lot of the tracks, but the basslines and drums are still heavy handed.  The sample selections (as well as the accompanying effects and sounds) are interestingly and widely varying, so he takes you in different directions with each beat – so you realize that the drums are the connector.  Most of the beats are dope (like “Rapid Fire” and “Champion”), but some of them aren’t that exciting for me (“New Start” and “Wannabee”).  I’m feeling the beats he’s done for people a little more – maybe because they had a focus to them…I dunno.  What I really like, is that he put out the album with all of the stems – so that DJs and producers can create with them.  That alone makes the album worth a cop.

Grade: B+.  It gets the plus because of the stems.

My favorite beat of his:

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