…what the f*** is a Lerix?

So here we are – my very first official interview on this site.  Here goes nothing…….nothing at all.

Lerix is a Brooklyn emcee, who’s made decent head way with his New Heights EP, and a new single (shown below).  I spoke with him about his aspirations, his fans, enjoying music outside of rap, among other things.
Me: How’s everything?  Tell the audience who you are.

Lerix: “Things are Fantastic! Spring is in the air! (haha) Hello (world)!  My name is LERIX and I am an hip hop musician from Brooklyn, NYC!”

It may seem like a simple question – but of all the things to do in life, why rap?

“That’s actually a great question!  I do music because I have a genuine passion for it and couldn’t see myself without it.  I actually walked away from music for a few years just to grow and to experience life.  At the end of it all music is where my heart is, so I came running back.”

You come from a borough with a heavy tradition in lyrical emcees you’ve been compared to Kweli, Mos Def, etc – do you ever feel pressure of their presence in the game?

“Not at all.  I look at it more like belonging to fraternity of artists.  I don’t think I’m in their class, but Brooklyn MC’s are known for being lyrical so I think that’s where the comparisons come from.  Those guys are my inspiration to the craft.”

Coming up as a student of hip hop, where there any particular artists/albums that inspired you to take up MC’ing as a profession?

“I would say it was a combination of different artists.  I am a writer at heart so I have a deep respect for artists who can truly wield words. Artists like B.I.G., Jay-Z, Kanye, Big Pun, KRS-One, Lupe Fiasco, etc.  Those guys were part of my inspiration.”

You have a regular guy sensibility that I’ve always felt hip hop needs to show, along with the coke rap, money rap, thug hop, etc – for diversity.  How do you believe to add to what’s currently available?

“I think the regular guys has a much bigger voice now.  I think I’ll be able to add to that voice, speak for the everyman who can be “super-fly” one day and the complete opposite the next day.  That’s what I’m really about.”

People like to harp on what’s wrong with rap music today.  Do you have any particular issues with what’s being put out today?

“Not really, I think I have the same gripes as everyone else but I’d rather spend my time thinking about the positive things in music and block out the negative stuff.  I just wish people cared about the art and less about getting rich or getting famous, but that’s that persons issue, I’ll just do me.”

How do you feel the internet has helped or hurt hip hop, or music in general?

“The internet has truly helped give people a voice, on the other hand it’s saturated the industry.  Now a little harder to find those gems, the good thing is they are out there.”

How conscious are you of audience intelligence, as far as the use of metaphor/simile?  Do you care if they ‘get it’ or do you assume they will?

“My fans get it and that’s all that really matters to me.  I make the music I truly believe in and my fans get it right away.  I think that’s all any artists should really focus on.  Make the music your want to make and the rest will work itself out.”

Doing some research (reading your blog) I noticed some excellent, but definitely non-hip hop music.  (And I’ve heard some guitars in “Critical Danger” and “Bright Lights”, for example.)  Before very recent times, a lot Black men were afraid to admit they even liked a rock band, or anything other than R&B, rap, or jazz.  Do you openly listen to other genres?  Does it help with or inform what you do?

“Yes!! I love music as a whole and I can honestly say I listen to everything.  I get a lot of my inspiration for songs outside of hip hop music.  I make it a point to listen to very little hip hop when I’m working on a project.  I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where that was encouraged, it has definitely helped shape who I am today.”

Any bands out there that are getting heavy play in the iPod?

“Right now I’m bumping a lof of BLACK KEYS and the RAT PACK.  I am a RAT PACK Junkie (haha)”

Say I bring you my beat iPod nano – what are you looking for?  Do you look for a particular sound?

“I love drums, so that might be the first thing I look for, but more importantly I look for sounds that fit a mood.  Once I hear it, it’s off to the races!”

Do you have an artist in mind that you like emulate – maybe not the person themselves, but the career path?

“Will Smith hands down! I think the man is genuine and is one of the hardest workers in show business.  He’s one of my idols!”(haha)

What should the listening public look for with Audio Arcade?  Talk about the growth since New Heights.

“More topics, more moods, more experimentation.  It’s gonna be a great ride!!”

Quick hitters:
1. Favorite movie(s): “Any Rocky Flick, Back to the Future and 40 Year Old Virgin
2. Favorite album: “Ready to Die
3. Artist(s) you’d love to work with, with no issue to cost: “Black Keys, NERD, Childish Gambino & Mos Def
4. Favorite spot to hang out: “SOHO”
5. As an apparent spirits enthusiast – favorite drink: “That’s an easy one….WHISKEY! (haha)
6. Item you can’t leave your place without, besides your wallet: “My Backpack, It’s like my utility belt!”

Single review:

Lerix – I Got This

…I mean it’s cool, I guess.  I like the strings on the track and his lyrics aren’t bad.  He’s got a low key cool factor that works for him.  It’s just not very distinguished in my opinion.   I’m not sure what his sound is right now, or what makes him stand out from other emcees.  He’s progressively getting better at creating songs, and not just rapping over beats.  (I do think his new EP will be worth a looksie.)

Grade: C+.

Artist website

2 thoughts on “…what the f*** is a Lerix?

  1. I think this guy will go far- what distinguishes him? He raps over classical music (rare), he sounds good and he isn’t talking about booty and hoes!


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