Review: Stereo Crowd – I Got It (single)

Stereo Crowd – I Got It

This is a single from a band trying for the alternative/rap deal, with a slightly hipster lean.  I’m going to cut to the chase.  I like the possibilities – but it’s just not happening for me right here.  It’s a little confusing what is trying to accomplished, a little uneven, and honestly bores me.  Everything on the record sounds forced – “hey…we’re different…and we’re saying it over and over again.”  I got it.

I think there is some talent, but this doesn’t sound like a band trying to separate themselves artistically.  It’s really not a new sound, or a twist on people/bands who’ve done the rap/rock thing before.  There are still infatuated with differentiating themselves, when they should be concentrating on doing something special.

I think about the bands that have been successful at this, like Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, and to an extent (in terms of popularity at least) Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit.  There was something definitive about the act, something they could hang their collective hats on.  Even in the worst of the acts I just named, Limp Bizkit, they had one spot that carried the group musically, in Wes Borland’s immense talent.  Rage had the complete package – everything was strong.  You knew what they were trying to say in every song.

I say all that, not to down this band in comparison to more established acts, but to say that’s important that they decide on what exactly makes them, not just pretty good, but world class.  And this must be in and of themselves – not within accompanying rappers/singers/instrumentalists they may use.

Grade: C-.

Download the track.

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