Review: Metronomy – English Riviera

Metronomy – English Riviera

One of my favorite albums of this year.  Even when I listen to other new albums, I come right back to this when I’m done.  It’s just a generally fun, easy to digest, album to listen to.  There are a lot of 80’s references, but not so many that you’re turned off.  For me, the only downside is that there aren’t a lot of twist and turns, like this wrote the album with a singular tone in mind (too much Cure maybe.).  Other than that, I think the album is cohesive, consistent, and unusually catchy, though some of them seem a bit downcast – though it really isn’t that gloomy at all.  Standouts include the two songs I have below, and Love Underlined, one of the strongest album closers I’ve heard in a while.

Grade: A.  There are some diverging opinions on this album, but I’m in the positive category.  It’s just cool and casual for your evenings, and it’s very replayable – which counts a lot for me.

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