Review: R.E.A.L. – Top Of The World (single)

R.E.A.L. – Top Of The World (single)

It’s rare that I’m impressed by singles that people push on me, which is why you don’t see many (or any) on here.  But I was impressed by this one.  R.E.A.L. is a Bronx based artist/entrepreneur, with some pedigree – she’s Grandmaster Flash’s niece.

The track starts off with a typical hook, but the beat is straight.  She’s not that overly complex “lyrical miracle” rapper, but the metaphors are good.  I think it’s her flow, and its immediacy, that’s going to carry her through.  She raps with with certain force, a certain confidence that you want to hear in emcees.  She’s never trying to overstep her boundaries – she’s stays hard, very specific, and in focus.  If I really had to compare her favorably to someone, it would be Rapper Big Pooh – who I like a lot for the reasons I gave for her.

The other thing I like is that she’s willing to have that workman-like style that a lot of female emcees just aren’t willing to employ.  She’s not trying to be a sex symbol or gimmicky – just someone trying to make it.  I’m not always in love with the champagne poppin’ stuff – but the video feels sort of appropriate.

She’s also tailored made for those banger tracks (like the start of the second video.)

Grade: B-.  It’s pretty good.  She knows how to make a song, which is going to separate her from a lot of other artists.

Download the track.

Booking Contact
Teri Gerald | 347.216.8512
R.E.A.L Live Ent
Media Contact:
Olivia Dikambi |240.291.5448|
I AM PR Agency, LLC
“We Are The Key To Your Success”

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