Review: Panda Bear – Tomboy

Panda Bear – Tomboy

Like everyone else, I had high expectations for this album – but I have to say that after the second listen, I was left a little bit underwhelmed – maybe not the right word.  Maybe I just felt like it was a bit overhyped, which is my fault because I should’ve maintained perspective.  Don’t get me wrong – there’s some stuff on here I really like, probably 3/4ths of it.  He goes for a more organic sound, losing a lot of the prior use of samples.  The Brian Wilson love stays heavy on the album – a mainstay with PB and Animal Collective personnel in general.

The title track,  the dubby “Slow Motion”, “Alsatian Darn”, the sparse “Scheherazade” and the unusually bouncey”Afterburner” are all awesome tracks.  I just felt like a lot of the other parts (even areas in the songs I liked) we sort of ….ehh….nothing special – like me and my skills as a reviewer.   I’m pretty used to the vocal delays, heavy effects, and repetition – as they are signature items in Panda Bear albums, a part of his sound.  It’s bare is some parts, hallucinogenic in others.  There are lowlights, like “Drone”, which is basically an all-drone sound track.  Honestly, the song is a downer and boring, as are a few other songs like “Friendship Bracelet”.

Grade: a light B+….just tittered in the edge.  It should keep PB and AC lovers, like myself, well pacified.

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