Re-review: Madlib – Medicine Show #10: Black Soul

Madlib – Medicine Show #10: Black Soul

(I buy/listen to way more music than I have time to review on this blog – when I do the blog.  I figured I needed to start going back and review some music that people may or may not have even heard or knew was out, or whatever.  So I’m putting the ‘RE’ in front of review, to denote that I’m going back X months/years in time – so that you know I’m pulling from deep in the digital crates, i.e. hard drives and Macbook.  I will put these out whenever I’m in the middle of listening to something new, because I’ve already listened to this stuff – this is strictly FYI to deepen your taste/catalogs.)

I copped this a while back ,when I was back in the states on vacation.  It’s some heavy funk from late 60’s into the 70’s.  It’s hard to for me to really quantify how funky this is…’s super heavy.  Even the mix track titles are heavy:

Track List (from Wikipedia)

  1. “To Promote Illogical Thinking”
  2. “To Increase Efficiency of Mentation and Perception”
  3. “To Promote the Intoxicating Effect of Alcohol”
  4. “The Induction of Hypnosis”
  5. “To Withstand Privation, Torture and Coercion”
  6. “To Promote Amnesia”
  7. “May Result in Shock and Confusion”
  8. “To Produce “Pure” Euphoria”
  9. “To Alter Personality Structure”
  • All track names are references to the goals of an illegal CIA covert operation codenamed, “MKULTRA”

It’s the funk that makes your face scrunch up like you were dropped into a dumpster in a dirty alley in Cleveland.  Just make sure your speakers/headphones can handle the low end.

Grade: A+.  Crucial pick-up.

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