Review: tUnE-yArDs – w h o k i l l

tUnE-yArDs – w h o k i l l

After the initial albums from a lot of artists, especially in indie rock, I hardly every expect anything new from them.  As much as I like Bird-Brains, I wasn’t anticipating anything else, or anything good – even with the cool story behind that first album.  But this here is pretty nice.  This act is a lady named Merrill Garbus, out of Oakland – and she has one of the more distinct voices in music today.  Not that the music isn’t great…it is.  But it’s here voice that arrests you, and keeps you hooked and powers the entire album.  The music is a little weird, scattered and multi-genred, with pinches of Sonic Youth, David Byrne, and Fela Kuti in the mix.  Her association with the Dirty Projectors definitely makes sense.  And then the lyrics – (from “Riotriot”) “There is a freedom in violence that I don’t understand, and that I’ve never felt before…”  All very good.

Grade: B+.  It’s a fun, summer time record.

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