Review: Blu – Her Favorite Colo(u)r

Blu – Her Favorite Colo(u)r

Not going to run too deep into this, as this has actually been out on your local interwebs for a little while.  This is an actual mastered version of the album.  I suppose the only point I’ll hit is that it’s definitely not your normal hip hop album, even by underground “back packer” standards.  He seems to be stretching for something broader, going with ideas.  He uses the classic, and raunchy, Closer interchange between Clive Owen and Julia Roberts, to a couple sunny tracks.  This has always made me smile – Blu understands juxtaposition, and is will to utilize it in his art.  A lot of the tracks are semi-abstract beat instrumentals/collages with some interesting sample choices.  For the most part, it works fine – though I’m partial to the songs with his lyrics on them.

Grade: B+.  Recommended, if having a finished version of anything means something to you.  (Looking forward to NoYork.)

Love the Youtube video, with the Breathless footage – works perfect with the track.  And it’s my second favorite Godard film.

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