Review: TV On the Radio – Nine Types of Light

TV On the Radio – Nine Types of Light

How do you continue to innovate, when everyone is already anticipating it?  How do you know what direction to go into?  Not sure, but TV continues to find ways to accomplish the task, deciding to forgo density and move into more romantic territory.  They still have the certain little eccentricities you love (if you love them.)  The lyrics/vocals are strong as usual (Tunde’s voice is great as always), just more subdued and less over-the-top with hitting you on top of the head with “wow“.  In a way, it feels new in that it feels sort of simple.

I like the mixing of the tracks – for example following “No Future Shock” with “Killer Crane”.  Throughout the album, you’re going up and down, but not necessarily in a nonsensical way.  Other standouts: “Caffeinated Consciousness”, “Second Song”, “Keep Your Heart”, “You”…well, most of the album is strong and even unusually sexy.

Grade: strong B+….interesting follow-up to the near classic (IMO) Dear Science.  Something I wasn’t expecting.

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