Review: The Streets – Computers and Blues

The Streets – Computers and Blues

The final album (supposedly) by my favorite English MC.  It’s an album going back to Original Pirate Material, in terms of tone and message – “This is my life, and how I see it, as of right now.”  It’s a different sound with all of the guitars (electric and acoustic) – which can probably be attributed to Robert Harvey’s heavy involvement in the album’s creation.  But even more, the sound really isn’t that different – which makes no sense, but it does.

It’s really a roll-up of all the things he’s tried in one album.  The results vary, but they are 90%on point, and sometimes at genius level – which describes his career to a tee.  He’s always been more a musician, than a straight up rapper/conversationalist.  He has a very unique skill in being about to describe the most mundane parts of life in a very poetic, very poignant, very unique way.  What I really appreciate is the album covers – all of them for that matter.  It always features him in some location, as a snapshot of what being “The Streets” has brought him to.  As you can see from the trendy apartment, he’s done well for himself – a far cry from the project/council estate/regular lad dwelling on his debut.  He’s always looking around, down, over, through on the covers.  I look at this one, and question whether he wonders how in the hell he made it this far.

I’m sad to see him go, but like LCD Soundsystem – I’m glad I was around to know him.  He’s done it all and tried everything.  One of the great UK artists of all time, in any genre, was/is just a regular guy who made good on his talent.  That’s is what I’ll remember the most.

Grade: B+.  Nice send off to an excellent career.

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