Review: The Sounds – Something to Die For

The Sounds – Something to Die For

Just gave this album the once-through.  I think it will be the last time I ever listen to it, and I’m glad it was bought at a nice discount.  I’m one to stretch out the palate, as much as I can, in the effort to get into new things.  I liked a couple of the Sounds previous releases, so I figured I’d take a blind look at what they were up to.  Apparently, it’s extra synthy pop/rock these days – it’s not a good look for them.  I didn’t hear anything redeemable at all.  I spent 3.99.  I wasted most of it.

Grade: C-.  I liked the first track, “It’s So Easy”, “Yeah Yeah Yeah”,as well as the title track/initial single.  But other than that, it’s not horrible, just not a generally memorable record.  Even those songs aren’t tracks I will come back to often, unless it’s for some mix.

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