(an incredibly late) Review: Radiohead – The King of Limbs

Radiohead – The King of Limbs

(Someone asked to me what I really thought of this album, and since I’m writing again….figured I’d give a review)

Ok.  Everyone’s exhaled.  Everyone’s had a take on the album.

I try my very best to only compare albums in terms of absolute quality, not so much on nostalgia, and where I was when I heard Album X.  Just to be straight forward, it’s a very good record, in my estimation.  Is it OK Computer?  No.  Kid A?  No.  It’s sort of Kid A/Amnesiac-ish…and probably leaning more toward Yorke’s The Eraser.  That being said, I think the abruptness of the release and the relative ambition with other Radiohead/Yorke releases, we expected to be blown away.  I certainly did.

This goes into another arena I was hoping I didn’t have to venture into.  It’s the real question:  Has Radiohead blown its load creatively?  With every record they’ve released, it was a brand new experience, a marker into something, a landmark event.

This is the first album in the band’s run that screams, “You know what?  I think this will do.”

I left that sentence alone, because I think that’s really the sentiment people are feeling.  It’s not grand or epic, or groundbreaking, ambitious, or anything like that.  It’s just a pretty good record.

We expect them to piss absolute greatness with every album; and for a while, great bands do.  Maybe that time has come and gone for them, and they will turn into proggy/techie U2.  I hope that isn’t the case.

Now for the positive – it’s still a dope record.  I love the bounce it has on a few of the songs, like “Little By Little”, “Bloom”, and a few others.  There are a lot of samples, seemingly of themselves playing – which could be bothersome if you really need changes between choruses  The other spector is that there may be some sort of second part/edition of the album.  And of course, there is the “Newspaper Album”, which you know I copped with the utmost immediacy.  I sometimes wonder if there really will be a bit more than meets the eye, with this album.

Grade: (as a normal standalone release) A-.  As a Radiohead release, I’m not going to grade it….but it’s probably one that’s down the list.

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