Review: Federico Aubele – Berlin 13

Federico Aubele – Berlin 13

As a huge fan of lounge and so-called “world music”, Federico is one of my favorites – I’m always looking forward to his releases (and most anything on the ESL label, for that matter.)  This particular record puts Aubele in time, when he moved to Berlin in 2001, during the Argentine Crisis.  It would seem, on the surface, to be a project dedicated to the German city, but it ends up being his most eclectic album to date.  The songs never stray too far from his roots in Buenos Aires, however the beats are heavier than on previous efforts.  I think maybe his time in Berlin lent a bit to the whirling mix of sounds, possibly representing pulls in different directions in his life in those tumultuous times.  It makes for good music when you can channel your emotions.  I

I have no particular standout tracks, like say a “Postales” for example.  I usually use his albums as background anyway, not so much for specific tracks.  Either way, this was a quality, and somewhat brief listen – timed/paced it just right.

Grade: a solid B.  It’s a very good effort and addition to his catalog.  Nice for a slow, mellow evening.

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