Review: Travis Barker – Give The Drummer Some

Travis Barker – Give The Drummer Some

This is much hyped “solo” rap influenced album by perennial drum king Travis Barker.  It’s basically an album built on his very strong skills with the sticks, which shines through out.  I wanted to really enjoy this album because of it’s potential, and there are some very strong records – specifically the tracks with Slaughterhouse, Lupe Fiasco/Pharrell, Yelawolf/Rae/Busta/Twista, and The Cool Kids.  They absolutely KILL, especially the Lupe jawn – one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year.  But these moments are too far in between, which was going to be a likely scenario  – more on this later.

Some of the other tracks are listenable, like the Steve Aoki track.  Unfortunately about 1/3 of the album just isn’t that dope.  Going back to the potential – it seemed like a great idea, and in parts it’s excellent.  But I actually think it’s a little bloated, and almost too organic, like they should’ve used some old school samples.  I think what intrigues me with Barker is the potential to do some thing in the vein of “99 Problems” or maybe Jay’s American Gangster album.  A nice mixed of samples and his drumming would’ve killed – but I don’t make records….just listen.

Grade: C+++.  This mainly on the strength of the few very strong tracks, especially the Lupe track.  Just can’t give it a B- because the lows a little too low…and the middling tracks are too….middling.

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