Pick of the Day – December 16th: Top 50 songs of 2010 (Honorable Mention list)

Sorry for the last couple days – had a day off from work, and I was just very under the weather yesterday.  Today, I’ll resume posting by starting my lists for 2010 for my favorite personal tracks and albums.  Hope you enjoy – here’s the honorable mentions.  There is no order for these, and there might be some on here (one in particular) that you might surprised isn’t ranked…but, hey….is what it is.

Arcade Fire – “Ready to Start”…..I know someone has to be surprised this isn’t in the top 10-20, and I love this song.  I redeem myself later.

Gil Scott-Heron – “I’ll Take Care of You”…..so much emotion with this track….just like the rest of the album.  He still has it.

Gorillaz – “Stylo”……just a real cool ass track.  You can ride out on this….feels like the Knght Rider theme.

Christian Scott – “The Eraser”…..amazing cover, better live.

Tame Impala – “Desire Be Desire Go”…..one of the strongest tracks on a strong album.

Yeasayer – “O.N.E.”……one of the more fun records of 2010….interesting video though

Interpol – “Lights”……this is the Interpol I missed – just wish the whole album was similar.  Too bad Carlos D’s gone now.

Maximum Ballon – “If You Return”…..I’m a fan of Little Dragon, so it wasn’t a hard sell.

Black Milk – “Deadly Medley”…….super dope track, and it’s actually replayable compared to a lot of the album, which ended up not being as memorable as I thought it would be.

Mount Kimbie – “Would Know” ……very chill record.

Childish Gambino – “Do Ya Like”…I have a lot of love for Glover’s effort.  It’s an impressive, very honest record.

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