Pick of the Day – December 13th: Devlin – Bud, Sweat, & Beers

Devlin – Bud, Sweat, & Beers

As a big fan of grime, I’ve been looking forward to a record from Devlin – a very intense, passionate MC with enough melancholy to depress the sun.  But it’s not sad sack necessarily – just very, very real life raps.  He raps about life from an honest, grounded point of view, that you have no choice but to respect and appreciate.  I’m betting his live shows are good experiences – strikes me a a “people’s champ” MC.  He’s got a lot of talent, and I’m definitely rooting for cats like him and Ghetts.  This is grime – not American rap – so the beats aren’t going to be what you’d think they’d be (if you’re unfamiliar with grime.)  But for those who like it – I’m imagining you’ll love this.  Some of the tracks could’ve been left off, but not really killing the album.  Dude is nice (only 19…..damn.)  Recommended.

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