Pick of the Day – December 11th: Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz

Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz

I give up.  I’m beginning to appreciate Sufjan.  He’s a talented guy with a lot to offer.  I personally felt that he was an immensely overrated artist, but this album has shown me something different.  I read that Impossible Soul, the 25-minute epic track that closes the album, would be the decider for a lot of people – I could actually do a review based on that track alone because it’s that serious.  It’s a departure from his previous work, more electronics for one. The lyrics are excellent – “Girl…I want nothing less than pleasure…”

The album isn’t completely consistent, but this track makes up all of the ground lost in the few weak tracks preceding this one.  I think the best way I can think of it, or a comparison, is to think of Kanye West.  It’s a track I think Kanye would attempt.  Am I saying that Sufjan is similar to Kanye, in a “I’m super talented, I’ll try what I want, bitch” way….I don’t know for sure.  But he has tendencies.  Recommended.

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