Pick of the Day – December 10th: Gangrene (Alchemist+Oh No) – Gutter Water

Gangrene (Alchemist+Oh No) – Gutter Water

First of, this isn’t Champion Sound.  And Oh No and Alchemist aren’t (Dilla and Madlib) – lite.  This is a totally different album, with a different vibe, different samples, different raps, different everything.  They have their own unique vision, and it’s fresh (as gutter water can be.)  It’s a very strong, consistent banger-type of album with lyrics and beats – thoughI feel the concept isn’t followed from beginning to end.  I think it was one of those “that’s a dope concept…let’s run with it”…but ends up running out of steam.  So while most of the tracks kill, it’s not always unified.  In any case, super dope album from two of my personal favorites – recommended.

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