Pick of the Day – December 7th: Daft Punk – Tron Legacy (OS)

Daft Punk – Tron Legacy (OS)

Has there been a more destined pairing?  Daft Punk + a Tron movie + a little Hans Zimmer.  I’m really not sure you could’ve done it any better.  I don’t have a lot to add onto this soundtrack.  If you don’t know Daft Punk, then you really need to start at the beginning and work forward – you’d be entering into something rather strange, at your own risk.

However, if you enjoy Daft Punk – you will definitely love a lot of what’s going on here.  No specific hits (it is a score, remember this…this is key…it’s the geared toward a specific fit to a film).  All it’s going to make you want to do, is what it’s intended to do, and that is make you want to watch the film.  Definitely has me hype.  Recommended.

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