Pick of the Day – November 30th: Magnetic Man – Magnetic Man

Magnetic Man – Magnetic Man

Let’s begin with understanding the premise of the concept Magnetic Man.  It’s supposed to be a club album.  If you take in the album from that perspective, then you will understand the sound.  The opinions on this album have been very “love it/hate it”, simply because they see Benga, Skream, and Artwork, and they are already set on straight forward dubstep.  This album is not straight forward dubstep.  It’s pop.  With trance mixed into it.  Why?  It’s built for club play.  Not for you to put your headphones on and sti back in awe, although you could do that with this album.  You look at the YouTube video they put up – the songs are being enjoyed live, in club venues.  If investigated from that angle, the album is one of the best club/dance albums ever.

I see this whole “sell out” idea around, but they are going on tour with Crystal Castles……how is that selling out?  Dubstep, or its iterations, are not yours.  If you don’t like this, Benga and Skream and Artwork have lots of older things you can go back to (and I’m sure they will make more of.)  Stop thinking so hard.  Take a shower, get dressed, and go to the club, ask to listen to the song below, and just enjoy it with some chick/dude you like.  Highly recommended.

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