Pick of the Day – November 18th: The Foreign Exchange – Authenticity

The Foreign Exchange – Authenticity

This actually dropped last month, but I’ve only just arrived to it for some reason.  I saw it on some other sites, sort of surprised.  I hadn’t heard a whole lot about anything coming out.  That being said, I’m happy I copped it.  This is a very mature, fully realized R&B album.  It’s not so much advanced and forward thinking, as it’s confident in staying in place.  There is a slight 80’s pop feel to it (like in the song below), it’s very sophisticated.

Nicolay’s skills as a composer, rather than a rap producer, are formed up.  Phonte’s writing follows suit, with his singing sounded less and less unusual.  There is a certain rise into adulthood, in being able to embrace the intimacy necessary to sing his lyrics with the necessary conviction.  I’ve finally come to accept him as an R&B singer, even though he doesn’t get completely away from rapping (something I sorta wish he would’ve done…rap is always gonna be there).  Complete 180 from the first album, and probably where the duo was destined to arrive – full fledged R&B outfit.  Recommended.

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