Pick of the Day – November 16th: Benoit Pioulard – Lasted

Benoit Pioulard – Lasted

This album is dreamlike, in a lot of ways, mostly in the ‘good’ variety.  It’s like a Tim Hecker produced singer/songwriter album – all the disconnected soundscapes, with a semi-normal song interspersed in the middle parts.  It’s well written, and every sound feel purposeful, strong (in a certain way) and well placed.  There are some pop tendencies in songs like “RTO” – but even those have some oddly Hecker-ish ambience.  (Sorry to use Tim’s name so much, but he’s basically my touchpoint in the sounds I here…and I’m sleepy.)

In any case, this is an excellent album – another one I’m late to.  Nonetheless – highly recommended.  (Underrated year for music.  Lot of really good albums this year.)

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