Pick of the Day – November 4th: DJ Kicks (series) – Apparat

DJ Kicks (series) – Apparat

Probably one of the best DJ Kicks mixes I’ve heard.  Very clean, dark, but still feels very lively – like a club is happening in your ears.  All of the songs make sense, and transition very well with each other.  A lot of Apparat’s material require a certain patience, and he requires the same patience….but instead of a single track, you’re traveling through an entire mix – a quality which sets this mix (and him) apart from others.

If you played this set on the loud speakers at a club and pretended to DJ…..people wouldn’t care.  Pretty damn excellent – highly recommended for clubs and late night drives…and everything else.

For those of you that might be interested in stuff Ap’s done – there is a great track from the “Walls” album:

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