Pick of the Day – November 3rd: N.E.R.D. – Nothing

N.E.R.D. – Nothing

(Sorry about the lack of posting…..just too busy lately.)

It’s really typical N.E.R.D.  When I say “typical”, what I mean is different what anything that’s out – something they consistently succeed in creating…to vary results, but you have to love the effort.  This, again, is more of the same.  They use a lot of “same but newish” sounds for the trio: 60’s psyche rock, 70’s funk, songs with horn sections, etc.  Themes include: partying, sex, sexual acts, encouraged bisexual activities, those same bisexual chicks doing blow and dancing, semi-political statements, sex while waxing philosophical about politics, etc.  At minimum, it’s an interesting album.  At maximum, it’s fun and entertaining – which it happens to be, for the most part – which is the point.  I’ve really enjoyed this album for the last couple days.

It’s not a perfect record….but I definitely recommend it as a good people-gathering sort of an album.  Pretty dope.

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