Pick of the Day – October 28th: Bilal – Airtight’s Revenge

Bilal – Airtight’s Revenge

This album is basically what you’d expect from Bilal: something not completely expected.  That sounds stupid….but that’s just what it is.  Bilal specializes in the unique, genre pushing elements of R&B/Soul, and he continues down that path with this – his first release in 9 years.

People, in some circles, who know of him speak him up as a legendary artists.  You’d think, “why is he not bigger?”  You listen to the sonics and lyrics, and you understand why/how he’s not on a major label – he couldn’t get away with any of the shit he gets away with doing an album with Plug Research.  He’s free to create whatever he wants….free of the need to create hit singles, videos for BET play, etc.  He expresses himself, and where he is, in his own tone and light.  Hopefully, he will start doing more, more often.  It’s a really good album – recommended.

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