Pick of the Day – October 27th: Radiohead – Kid A (it’s a celebration.)

Radiohead – Kid A

A couple days ago, the 10 year anniversary of this album was (sorta) celebrated – as most people that know me understand, I’m one of the biggest fans of the band.  PopMatters has a nice little retrospective, that I will not attempt to top here – but I think it’s worth posting (as are all Radiohead releases).  Definitely one of the great albums of all-time, from one of the great bands of all time.  Weird and obtuse, and at times sane and closed off.  I don’t think there has been a great album with so much emotion tied to it, varying from complete hate to undying love to absolute confusion….all of which give, and continually add onto, the legacy of the album.   Highly recommended – probably something you should have in the collection.  If you can, cop the latest edition with the millions of B-sides and live versions.  Completely worth every dime paid.

Everything In Its Right Place (live in Saitama):

Below: I love to post this from time to time: the complete Saitama performance.  If you have the time, it’s more than worth a watch.  Dope.

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