Pick of the Day – October 26th: Skyzoo & !llmind – Live from the Tape Deck

Skyzoo & !llmind – Live from the Tape Deck

Putting in a little work, on my day off.  This is an album I’ve been playing since right before my vacation, so I want to put my own very small, insignificant light on it.  It’s got a “Do The Right Thing” theme as the backdrop – a throwback to the time period, smack in the middle of the Golden Era of Rap.  The two are a nice match, Ill’s appropriate boom-bap production with Skyzoo’s rather nostalgic, (somewhat unusually) underrated flow and technical skill.  What I like the most is that it has that mixtape-ish quality to it…and it’s entirely re-playable.  One of the better rap albums this year – Recommended.

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