Pick of the Day – October 3rd: Aloe Blacc – Good Things

Aloe Blacc – Good Things

I have to be honest: I like Aloe (and most things Stones Throw)…..but he can get a little inconsistent at times.  I was actually a little hesitant to get this album – actually only bought this today…..meaning it took me a second to want to get it, thinking there would only be a couple dope tracks.  However, it has proved to be a very worthwhile purchase.  I think the whole R&B thing is the genre that suits him best – he’s found his lane as a crooner.  It’s mostly straight forward R&B, funky with great basslines….honest lyrics.  There are some reggae influences in there, but even those sound vintage.  Sounds like an old 70’s record, which his voice is perfectly suited for.  Super dope offering – definitely recommended, one the best R&B outputs of the year.  (You’ll recognize the theme song from HBO’s How To Make It In America.)

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