Pick of the (back in the) Day – October 2nd: Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

I’ve been on a lot of rock lately…and drifting back into some good ol’ Joy Division.  This particular album puts things into perspective.  I say that because I was talking with some people about great albums, plus I’ve been lauding the Deerhunter release.  But I think, for a moment, I lost some vision on what greatness really is.  This right here, son, is near the top of the line of everything that has ever been good about music.

I got into Joy Division pretty late in the game – besides the fact that I was born after the album came out 5 months after it came out.  I really didn’t have a reason to listen, nor did I have a frame of reference, until I was into bands like Interpol early in the 2000s.  It never really even clicked with me that U2 was more or less a contemporary of New Order, and that they were in part influenced by Joy Division.

Quite simply a must-have for music lovers.  One of the greatest albums of all time.

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