Pick of the Day – September 27th: Das Racist – Sit Down, Man

Das Racist – Sit Down, Man

Hilarious.  That is my one word summation of this mixtape.  They rap well, something similar to a lot of the nicer MCs out right now…and the beats are pretty good.  They also have this obvious cool kid sensibility (the mixtape is sponsored by Mishka, Greedhead, and Mad Decent – google those…get edumacated.)

But it’s the comedy in the whole album that kills it – everything is in play.  Pop references roam wild all over the record.  They clearly love all things rap, and are historians of the music and culture, to the point to where they’re able to call small intricacies up at will.  I think it will be one of those….either you get it, or you don’t, albums.  But dammit, it’s free and it’s dope.

Download here.

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