Pick of the Day – September 22nd: Klaxons – Surfing the Void

Klaxons – Surfing the Void

With an excellent debut, you end up expecting something similar the next time around.  I’ve learned that music isn’t always going to play nice in that area, and that you have to take and savor wait you get.  Myths of the Near Future, their Mercury Prize winning debut, was, personally, a critical album, as it was a incredibly sobering album…..as I was in a lull at the time.  It was an intensely fun record to play.  I literally felt happy to hear it.

Coming forward to this album – I’m, again, in sort of a lull – and listening to a lot of sobering stuff in the last two weeks.  The story behind the album feels a lot like what I’ve felt over the past few months, or more – basically that the effort they turned in, initially, was deemed “too experimental” and (too) dense prog rock..  So they were forced to re-record a lot of stuff over, work with different producers, etc.  Finally, they submitted an album that Polydor could understand.  But they’ve inevitably sacrificed for it – and you can hear it.  So much potential for greatness….and people just aren’t quite understanding why it’s such a big deal they go it their own way.  Yeah, you got what you wanted, to the tee.  But was it worth it after all?  I suppose…..I mean Polydor does cut the checks.  (…which is sort of, kind of is what it is, right?)  Recommended – because I think it’s still worth of purchase….just don’t expect the OK Computer.  (But the album art is fucking awesome!)

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