Pick of the Day – September 17th: Chromeo – Business Casual

Chromeo – Business Casual

A lot of the time, knowing exactly what you’re going to get is just what you want.  With this pair – you know what’s coming: kitschy 80’s electrofunk, done better than some of the people who did it in the aforementioned decade, excluding the likes of Morris Day.  You’re getting basslines, synths, and talk box vocals – though it is less electro, and more funk.  What’s better about this album, compared to the other releases, as least for me, is that they really mean it.  It’s not a slight on them, like they are making fun.  For them, this is a legit style that they are going to run with.  I think for some, in this finicky time in music, they weren’t going to last too long in their minds, because it seemed to be niche music.  However, the interesting thing – they are doing a genre that no one else is going to try (for fear of being biters) – so they will continued to stand out…it just works.  Business Casual is corny as all hell – and they know it.  It is pretty awesome, from beginning to end.  One of my favorite albums of the year – incredibly fun and earnest.  Highly recommended…….so go start a party with it.

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