Pick of the Day – September 14th: Black Milk – Album of the Year

Black Milk – Album of the Year

Well….he actually almost managed to get it done.  He’s clearly trying to be clever with the title, as he explains the use of the title on the first track – that it’s basically his album for THIS particular year…..a summation of the work he’s put in for the past couple years.  I want to talk about the rhymes first.  He’s definitely an improved lyricist, to the point to where I can say he’s pretty dope.  (He more than holds his own with Elzhi and Royce tha 5’9″)The fact that he is getting better with each album is very promising.  If he got any more proficient than he is now, he would be basically unstoppable.  But I’m glad he’s still got something to work on, to keep him relatively humble.

I say all that because the production is absol-fuckin-lutely stellar – something he deserves to be cocky about.  Black basically has to be one of the dopest producers of our current generation.  Good God Almighty, does this album bang out.  I’m a fiend for banger rap….and the drums on this album more than satisfy my fix…and the sample use it top notch.  All in all – my second favorite rap record of 2010 – HIGHLY Recommended.

One thought on “Pick of the Day – September 14th: Black Milk – Album of the Year

  1. Anna, you seem irnngaot talking about $o.99 thing. It’s not offering by gaga, is offering by amazon (they wanna promote their cloud service and compete with iTunes and they choose this album because it’s really relevant. Without that sales, she’s going to sell 900k, pretty big numbers.Also, I don’t buy a Birtney Spears or Justin Bieber album even for $0.99 because I don’t like their music, people who bought born this way did it because they want it.And, obviously you know nothing about Lady Gaga, she’s much more than “bizar”.I’m glad to see her selling a lot, she really deserves… her hard work have to be rewarded


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