Picks of the Day – September 10th: EPs by Pariah and V.I.V.E.K.

Pariah – Safehouses (EP)

Some new UK funky/garage/club/etc. from an artist new to me.  It’s as diverse as an extended play can get…basically a double EP.  It pulls you in with the emotion and the expansiveness of the range in sounds.  It’s not easily pegged (thus the etc int he genre listing), so it’s hard to know if this is what the album might sound like, or if it’s more of a flavor of the moment, see-what-I-can-do offering.  Nice change of pace from the Interpol and Killing Joke I’ve been listening too, among bits of other albums.  Recommended for fans of UK club music.

V.I.V.E.K. – Feel It (EP)

Super deep dubstep – this is the stuff that makes your chest wobble from the sub-bass.  It’s pretty straight forward….not a lot of tricks and gimmicks.  It’s hardcore bass and precussions, and some ambient stuff in the background.  Recommended for dubstep fans of this particular niche.

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