Pick of the Day – September 9th: Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong

Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong

A very well done debut album from someone I’ve barely heard anything from, save a track from Flying Lotus.  I actually found this looking around for something else.  Now, I will say it’s not exactly what I was anticipated, given the label this album was released on (Ninja Tune).  Either way, the songs are here definitely fit her breathy voice.  It’s fairly straight up pop, with the lounge/jazz thing to it….pretty chilled out and relaxed adult fare.  I think the only thing I wish she did more of – be a little more expressive…she has an excellent voice, but while the songs changed, her voice stayed the same.  Felt like she played it a little safe vocally, but that’s nitpicking.  (I think my mindset comes from feeling like debut albums should be statements, and that you shouldn’t hold back.  I feel like she might’ve allowed herself to be a bit overproduced.) This will definitely do for now.  Recommended.

Here is a reference point for those familiar with Flying Lotus’ Reset EP (which is a must cop)….dooooopppeee.

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