Pick of the Day – September 7th: Interpol – Interpol

Interpol – Interpol

More of the same isn’t always a bad thing.  That was my thought after the first listen.  It wasn’t groundbreaking in any way, like the debut….but it is a return to something familiar, something they weren’t doing on the major label album, Our Love To Admire – which was an “unfortunate” album.  One the next listen, I was happier about it because it seemed like an extension of the first and second album.  They’ve returned to what I first liked about the band – they even went back to Matador.  I’ve read some stuff about how they’ve beat their sound into the ground – but my thing is that you know what you’re going to get with them, for the most part.  So, how can you be angry when they do more of it?  Is it legendary?  No.  Is it original, even for the band themselves?  No.  But in grading the album, as a standalone event – it’s more than passable.  I think they are fixing to pass through a critical point, now that Carlos D is gone (he quit basically because he started to get bored and disliked playing bass and touring).  In any case – Recommended.

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