Pick of the Day – September 2nd: Ice Cube – Death Certificate

Ice Cube – Death Certificate

According to Wikipedia, the state of Oregon made ANY display of Ice Cube in ALL retail store illegal.  They had to take out tracks for the UK release of the album.  It got basically no promotion, aside from the videos and still went platinum. A legit, first-run 5-Mic album in the Source.  What else can you really say about this album?  One of the best ever – outside of Dre’s overall sound, Cube was probably the most influential rap icon to ever come out of the West coast. (No, Tupac is from Baltimore….not New York….LA….or Oakland.)

Videos: Steady Mobbin’ and the N.W.A. diss No Vaseline…..save the lyrical beatdown Common served him, Cube was not to be checked on wax.

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